Selected talks:

27 Oct ANDREW LOUND (formerly, The Planetary Society) : A Fire in the Sky
24 Nov MIKE FROST, Coventry and Warwickshire AS :  Horrocks Foster Nye
26 Jan JOHN DEE : The Real Percival Lowell and Mars
23 Feb Dr STUART CLARK : The Sun Kings
30 March PETER WEST : A brief history of the telescope : from the Bronze Age to the Space Age
27 April PETE SHAH : Imaging
29 June Andrew LOUND : Carl Sagan, man of the cosmos
26 Oct Dr DAVID ANDREWS, Leicester University : The Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn
30 Nov Dr DAVID WHITEHOUSE : Space: the next 50 years
22 Feb Prof BORIS Gänsicke, University of Warwick
29 March Dr SOMAK RAYCHAUDHURY : University of Birmingham: Dark energy and dark matter
19 April JAY TATE, Spaceguard UK : The Science of Armageddon
31 May PAUL MONEY : On Top of the World


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