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Our first fireball Whilst down the club last night for the regular 2 weekly meeting of the Alternative Astronomy Group. John Young advised that UKMon had detected a Fireball on the morning of the 7th May, and ourguys (John Downing and Jim Lowe) had been asked to check their Radio Detections for a match. On checking they had detected a large meteor the exact time. A huge boost of our image with the UKMon group, u n f o r t u n a t e l y i t n o t d i d correlate with anything on the club’s meteor camera. On checking the data recorded over the week since the previous club night stepping through clips of clouds, birds and planes, as the next clip popped on screen, wow we had our own Fireball!The stacked image clearly showing a another fireball as yet u n d e t e c t e d b y a n y o t h e r camera on the UKMon network! (Our new lens is now more sensitive, so now it shows the stars and clouds too!)

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